Locks of Nu Natural Hair Spa

"Healing the Community Follicle By Follicle"


Locks of Nu Natural Hair Spa, located at 5 Rochester Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233, is a body and spirit beautification temple celebrating one of our greatest assets: our natural beauty.  Founded by dancer, certified locktician and natural hair styling savant Ebony Tynes in June 2003,our mission is clear:  to provide exceptional service enhancing the beauty and self-image of African American people.  We guarantee the best services possible through our dedicated staff and convenient location. 


     History & Services:  Our ancestors understood that healthy hair reflects a healthy inner well being.  An unhealthy condition may indicate a physical/spiritual/emotional imbalance.  We understand at Locks of Nu that a body temple consistently under a multidimensional toxic assault requires a deep commitment to a time proven method.  Hair locking and sculpting is a tradition having roots in the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) culture.  Proof of this exists in the sacred writing adorning the temple and pyramid walls in Egypt.  The Locksmyths method of twisting hair used at our salon continues this tradition.  Developed by Ona Matt, Ebony's mentor, it is a revolutionary technique that teases the hair with the fingers while wrapping the remaining loose ends around the lock.  This affords both client and stylist tremendous versatility in ways the hair can be styled. 


     Client Care & Products:  It is our responsibility to make sure that our clients leave our establishment more informed about their hair and hair care.  We offer free consultations and all hair products contain only natural ingredients.  Jojoba based shampoos; herbal rinsing, scalp massages and steaming ensure a chemical free hair care experience.


     Hair Shows, Awards & Honors: In the fall of 2003, Locks of Nu participated in the Philadelphia, PA Locks and Natural Hair Styling Competition Winning 1st and 3rd place.  Locks of Nu has also organized hair shows at Wep Ren Put (the African Kemetic - Egyptian New Year Celebration presented by Health Thyself Holistic Center & Queen Afua). They have participated in The International African Arts Festival Natural Hair Shows and numerous others.  In 2005, Locks Of Nu co produced a revolutionary production titled “Style Through Movement” which showcased the connection between, music, dance, fashion and art.  Locks of Nu has been featured in various trade magazines including, Braids and Beauty Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine, Braids International Magazine and Essence Magazine to name a few.

The Locks Of Nu Natural Hair Artist


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